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Bad Ice Cream

Collect fruit and create colorful ice creams with the Bad Ice Cream game. Help the ice cream escape the maze and avoid the onslaught of monsters.

Drama, suspense, attraction, and fun are the great feelings that the game Bad Ice Cream brings. The full range of emotions that players can enjoy is only possible when you get lost in the maze with an ice cream cone. Go on an adventure with it and discover the interesting things the game has to offer.

The player's task is to play the role of an ice cream cone, move and collect all the fruits in the maze, avoid collisions with monsters, and find a way out.

In the first levels, the game is quite simple. It's like a gentle practice that helps players get used to the environment. Fruits appear in locations that are easy to collect and monsters also move slowly. But the higher the levels, the more difficult it becomes. The fruit is covered by ice, the monster can smell the vapor and move dizzyingly fast.

Players need strategies such as breaking ice to get fruit creating a way out for themselves, and creating ice to stop attacking monsters.

The game provides 2 game modes for players to choose from: single-player mode or 2-player mode. Each mode will have different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your abilities and preferences, choose the mode you like.

In single-player mode: Players only need to control one character to collect fruits and avoid monster fruit attacks. But the fruit collection speed will be slower.

In 2-player game mode: The player will control 2 characters at the same time. The advantage here is that collecting fruit will be faster but will face risks such as making it harder to control the character and being more susceptible to monster attacks. There are more dangers.

Tips and tricks

  • Break ice to find ways to move and create ice to stop monsters. This choice will depend on your improvisation when facing each type of monster.
  • Run away when necessary instead of trying to collect fruit.
  • Create safety barriers to prevent monster attacks.
  • With monsters that know how to break the ice, in addition to running away, the player also breaks the ice to create more space to move.

How to play

  • Player 1: Use arrow keys to move. Press space to create and break the ice.
  • Player 2: Use WASD keys to move. Use the F key to create and break the ice.