Hop on the boat with a fishing rod to challenge your opponents in the online game Tiny Fishing. Catch all types of fish in the water to get the most money.

Tiny Fishing is a game that has never stopped being hot and attracts millions of players every day because it is an extremely interesting platform game, an online entertainment and relaxation paradise that never disappoints players.

Tiny Fishing provides very simple controls, just swipe the hook by interacting with the mouse or hand on the screen and you can catch a lot of fish. The amount of fish caught will be converted into money. The more fish or rare types of fish you catch, the higher the amount of money you will earn. This creates attraction and is a source of motivation for players to show off their fishing abilities.

Fisherman's mission in the game

The player transforms into a real fisherman. Sit on the boat with a fishing rod with a sharp hook. He will be responsible for dropping the hook into the lake and picking up as many fish as possible. So how does he catch fish and make the most money?

  • Catch rare and valuable fish.

There are many fish, but choose valuable fish. Goldfish are an example. Using a long fishing line increases your chances of catching the most expensive fish.

  • Make passive money and check out the aquarium.

Go out occasionally while the game is still open, you still earn passive money, and your money still grows. A really great feature only available in Tiny Fishing. Also check out the fish tank because you can get a lot of money there.

  • Quickly receive gifts when given the opportunity.

Players will receive valuable gifts such as coins, cash, or fish hooks and fishing lines.

Tips and tricks for playing

  • Upgrade regularly. Do this when you have enough cash.
  • Pull the fishing line to reach maximum depth. It will help you catch big and valuable fish.
  • Always use the passive income boost feature when necessary.
  • Change the hook at the right time and adjust the line throwing force accordingly.

How to play

Use the mouse: Click and hold then move around to catch fish.