Bloxd IO is an endless-world exploration game with multiplayer mode. Show off your fighting skills and creativity in all the modes the game offers.

Bloxd IO is a game developed by Arthur Baker and officially announced in 2021. The gaming world went crazy when Bloxd IO appeared. What created such a terrible fever? It certainly has attractive gameplay, diverse game modes, and many interesting mini-games. In addition, there is the opportunity to compete with opponents around the world when players can easily join any lobby.

Bloxd IO game mode

There are a variety of game modes that Bloxd IO offers. We must mention outstanding modes such as Survival Mode, Peaceful Mode, Creative Mode, Bed Wars, One Block, and Greenville Mode. Each mode will give players different emotions because of the gameplay and interesting challenges.

  • Survival Mode: This is a fierce mode with a battle for survival between opponents. Need to destroy each other to become a survivor.
  • Peaceful Mode: In this mode, you do not need to fight opponents but just enjoy a peaceful life in your world.
  • Creative Mode: This is also an extremely peaceful mode because you are free to be creative and build the world freely the way you want. Make it more beautiful and interesting.
  • Bed Wars Mode: This mode is quite special. This is a mode that requires teamwork skills. You need to combine with teammates to destroy the opponent's bed and protect your own bed.
  • One Block Mode: Players need to dig blocks to collect resources.
  • Greenville Mode: Be a farmer doing normal jobs in this mode.

Explore Bloxd IO's mini-games

The game creates excitement thanks to mini-games including Cube Warfare, Evil Tower, Doodle Cube, BloxdHop, and Bloxd. These mini-games make a difference and are the highlight of Bloxd IO.

How to control

  • Move: Press the arrow keys.
  • Customize character: Press the N key.
  • Open the store: Press the B key.
  • Open inventory: Press the Tab key.
  • Chat: Press the T key.
  • Destroy block: Left click.
  • Reset blocks: Right-click.
  • Eat snacks: Right-click or E key.
  • Open the task list: Press the M key.