Snake 3D is a game that develops and controls a snake that moves around a 3D cube. With strategy and precise moves, help the snake survive as long as possible.

Snake games are no longer strange to gamers in the gaming world. It has been making waves for a long time and has not cooled down at the present time. If you are familiar with classic snake games with 2D graphics and in a normal environment, then Snake 3D is a game worthy of you to try.

Description of the game Snake 3D

The environment that Snake 3D builds is a 3D cube that moves continuously in different directions. The player will control the snake to crawl around this cube in search of food. The goal is to eat the most food to get the highest score. But to do that, you need to live the longest because as the body gradually becomes longer, moving will be more difficult and you must control very well so that the snake's head does not collide with the snake's body.

Snake 3D gameplay

Players only need to move the keys left/right/up/down so that the snake's body will move in 4 directions. Players can also use pressing and holding the left mouse button to control the snake's body. Identify the target as a red square, and quickly move to consume this square.

Features of Snake 3D

  • Snake 3D is easy to play but difficult to control if the player does not have perseverance, skills, and strategy.
  • Snake 3D game brings the classics to the modern world.
  • Graphics with deep images.
  • The game provides Power-Up but needs to be used for the right purpose, at the right time.

How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys.