Fish Eat Fish

Introduction about this game

Fish Eat Fish is about survival battles in the deep sea. You have to consume as much food as possible to be bigger which can defeat any enemy.

The setting - deep sea

The deep sea always contains mysterious things and survival battles which inspires many online games. In this game, the main theme is the battles of fish and their hunting. Under the water, you can find many kinds of fish which are colorful and also very dangerous. This game turns you into one colorful fish and you can start your adventure in the sea now. Although you are in the deep sea, you still see all things. The background is the blue sea which makes you feel realistic. You won't know the dangers in the sea if you don't play this game. Therefore, it's time to connect your device to the Internet and start exploring the beautiful sea.

Fun game music and attractive graphics

This game has fun music which is suitable for any children. While you move the fish, there is no sound effect. However, you can listen to the sound effects when your fish eats its food. I recommend you should use headphones or earphones to play this game. Besides game music, the graphics with cartoon style are an attractive factor of this game. The fish are designed with big eyes and thick lips which can make you laugh. Although the graphics are colorful, you just take some seconds to load game data.

How to become bigger in Fish Eat Fish

In the beginning, you are only a small fish in the large sea. You can be the meal of any bigger enemies around. Therefore, you need to be more powerful and bigger to avoid being killed and beat any surrounding enemies. However, being bigger isn't an easy mission because you have to face dangers anywhere. If you can practice, you can enhance your skills in this game. Now, let's explore some ways to be powerful!

Consume marine creatures

There is a number under each fish that's their score. The higher the score is, the more powerful the fish is. You can increase the score by absorbing more food. What is the main food of fish in this game? They're available marine creatures that can't move in the sea. The amount of these creatures is unlimited and they will appear automatically after being eaten. Food is scattered everywhere, but some locations have very little food. Although the food can be provided automatically, it's better to move continuously in the sea.

Fight other fish

Besides consuming the available food, there is another way to make your fish more powerful. You can fight other fish and consume them. There are many other fish that are your enemies. They swim and hunt food like you and they even can hunt you. You can only defeat fish that have fewer points than you. Of course, you can steal all scores of enemies if they fall. This is the quick way to increase your score but it also contains many dangers. Chasing an enemy for too long is not recommended in this game. You will miss many other sea creatures while other enemies are trying to increase their size. You may not gain anything by chasing an opponent for too long.

Fish Eat Fish world

Although this game does not have a full range of sea creatures, you cannot deny the variety in this game. Now, I will take you to explore the Fish Eat Fish world and the following information may be helpful to you.

Fish choices

You can choose the type of fish you want to transform into in this game. The good news is that these fish are available so you don't need gold or money to unlock them. They come in different colors and are designed with some characteristics similar to real fish. You may recognize a few common types of fish such as goldfish, puffer fish, lantern fish, ect.

Small marine creatures

Small sea creatures are the main food of fish. They cannot move and are endless in number. Each type of small creature can help you earn a certain number of extra points.

I do not recommend that you only eat starfish and ignore the rest of the small sea creatures. Try to eat everything you see along the way.

Colorful octopus

Besides small sea creatures, you will encounter colorful octopuses that move very nimbly. They are not controlled by other players but they are very clever. They often follow other fish to cause some challenges for the player. Different octopus colors will bring different effects.

Some tips and tricks in Fish Eat Fish

The gameplay of this game is not difficult, but you still need to know some tips to become the strongest. The following tips were given by professional gamers after they played this game. You just need to understand the following tips, you can even master this game in a short time.

In conclusion, you can experience this game on any device as long as it connects to the Internet. Moreover, Fish Eat Fish unblocked anywhere, so children can enjoy this game during their break at school. In this game, you have a chance to explore many kinds of fish and other marine creatures. Don't hesitate! You need to join the battle to keep your fish safe in the deep sea.