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Amanda The Adventurer

Flip open horror tapes with Amanda and Wooly in the game Amanda The Adventurer. Face off against spooky objects and take on puzzles to complete the game.

Amanda The Adventurer is built in the style of a horror and creepy escape room. A different style that creates hair-raising scares but is extremely addictive.

Players need to have a spirit of steel to overcome spine-chilling challenges in a horror world full of surprises. Players are on a mission to discover strange, mysterious, and horror-filled VHS tapes. Watch each tape in turn, interact with all the spooky things, and solve puzzles.

The game begins when Riley Park inherits her aunt's house. In the house, there is a huge collection of VHS tapes and an antique television. Riley Park was curious because she thought these tapes contained normal content for children. Curiosity prompted Riley Park to turn on the television to discover these tapes one by one.

Riley Park was really fascinated by the content of the tapes and the two characters Amanda and Wooly. Everything happened beyond imagination. Each tape has different content and has a different ending. Therefore, it attracts viewers to open all available VHS tapes.

Amanda The Adventurer offers different endings. Do you want a hollow ending, a terrible ending, or a horror ending? It all depends on your abilities.

Features of the game

  • The game is for one player but is quite complicated and really scary.
  • The story conveyed is quite scary but attractive.
  • Escape-style game based on difficult puzzles.

How to play

Use the mouse to play and use the keyboard to answer questions.