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Tap Tap Shots

Make quick shots and keep scoring points in the basketball simulation game Tap Tap Shots. Try to get on the leaderboard with the highest score.

Tap Tap Shots gives players an extremely attractive online sports playground even though it is only a simulation game. An explosive atmosphere and sportsmanship accompanied by quick and accurate shots to the basket. Coming to Tap Tap Shots, players can enjoy the extremely bustling sports atmosphere. Let's explore this game together now.

The goal determined from the beginning when playing Tap Tap Shots is to try to throw as many balls into the basket to score the highest score in a certain amount of time.

Time will start when the first ball hits the basket. It will run at a fairly fast speed so players need to toss the ball while observing and continuously tossing other balls.

There are 2 baskets arranged on both sides with different heights. Observe carefully and make accurate shots.

Basic features of the game

  • Simple playing mechanism: With just gentle mouse clicks, the player can control his ball at the allowed speed and bring the ball to the required position.
  • Extremely simple graphics: The game is designed with simple colors. Black background and orange ball. Dark colors will help the ball really stand out. Attracts focus on the ball and contributes to the best results of the game.
  • Continuously change the height of the basket: This will challenge the player's perseverance and ingenuity.

Tips and tricks

  • Set goals and observe time to complete tasks within allowable limits.
  • Responds quickly to changes, especially changes in the height of the basket.
  • The balls are unlimited so choose the right balls to hit.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.