Control the bike to overcome deadly traps in the adventure game Short Ride. Complete the fateful trip excellently and conquer all levels of the game.

Following the explosion and great success of the game Short Life, a premium and attractive version called Short Ride has been developed by Gametornado. Like its name, this is a short race filled with dangers always lurking, this is where the line between life and death is truly fragile. With just one bike. Let's take on the role of the character to face all difficulties, and challenges and conquer all the obstacles that appear on the racetrack.

The only goal that players need to achieve in this fierce game is to avoid dangers and traps. Collect stars and must survive each race.

Challenges and difficulties players face

The racetrack is short but has countless obstacles. You may encounter stairs, wooden crates, or cans scattered haphazardly. Just bumping into them puts your life at risk.

Even more dangerous are sharp knives, spikes, bombs, gas cylinders, cutters... all of them seem to want to pierce your flesh and make you bleed. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Tips to overcome challenges

  • It is necessary to build a perfect, solid strategy for each step.
  • Encountering slopes to avoid losing control or sliding down, players need to increase speed to climb to the top of the slope.
  • With dangerous obstacles such as sharp spikes, and saw blades... players need to focus and control speed. Drive slowly to skillfully overcome obstacles.
  • With moving obstacles, you need to choose the time to go through them.

How to play

  • Move: Use the left/right arrow keys or AD key.
  • Accelerate: Use the up arrow or W key.
  • Get on/ off bicycle: Use the spacebar.