Run quickly to escape the pursuit of the police in the game Subway Surfers. Master the operations of running, jumping, and sliding to create a safe distance.

Subway Surfers is an extremely famous running game and is not outdated because to this day it still attracts an extremely large number of players every day.

What makes it so addictive? We must mention the beautiful graphics, vivid and realistic sound, many special features, and in addition, extremely high entertainment because it is very funny, creating laughter with of characters actions.

The goal that Subway Surfers players need to achieve

Players need to run as far as possible, avoid obstacles on the road, and not be caught by the police.

Missions need to be completed while playing

The player takes on the role of a mischievous boy. When he is discovered by the police to have committed wrongdoing, he must embark on a risky adventure with a path full of obstacles. Run away quickly by sliding, jumping, or moving left or right. All actions must be done quickly but skillfully so as not to crash into obstacles. While moving, collect gold coins to buy power-up items. Good control of speed to respond promptly to suddenly appearing situations.

Basic tips and wise tricks for playing Subway Surfers

  • While running, observe obstacles such as cars, trains, or barriers to avoid them in time.
  • Collect keys and coins to buy power-ups and upgrade new features. Unlock characters with different appearances.
  • Anticipate situations by learning the obstacle layout at each level.
  • Practice your skills by practicing every day.

How to control

Use arrow keys.