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Fish Eat Grow Mega

Fish Eat Grow Mega is a very interesting ocean exploration game. Join the battle for survival to become a giant fish with incredibly fast-moving speeds.

The ocean is the heart of the earth. And it is also the home of marine creatures. From small plankton creatures to large creatures like blue whales. They have a close nutritional relationship with each other called a food chain. The species in front is the food of the species behind. Therefore, to survive at the bottom of the sea is a fierce battle for survival. The Fish Eat Grow Mega game describes very specifically the life of fish, one of the main creatures of the ocean.

The world of fish is brilliant and diverse

Fish Eat Grow Mega is a world filled with fish from small fish to big fish. They swim freely, search for food, and gradually grow. Players can see many types of fish with different shapes and sizes. Witness dramatic pursuits in a dynamic world.

Player's mission

The player takes on the role of a small fish. Swim around and eat smaller fish. Run away and avoid bigger fish to ensure your safety. Try to eat the most fish and become the fastest-moving fish with the largest size in the ocean.

Fast-paced chases

Players will witness the fish's rapid acceleration when it successfully eats another small fish. Its size increases and its movement speed is super fast. This helps the fish quickly approach its opponent and consume its prey lightning fast. Players also feel extremely excited when mastering this super fast movement speed.

Game mode

Fish Eat Grow Mega offers a 2-player mode. An extremely attractive special feature.

2 players will play on the same computer. The playing screen will be divided into 2 halves. Each person will control their own fish. The person who owns the fish that is larger in size and lives longer will be the winner.

How to play

  • Player 1: Use WASD keys.
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys.