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City Bike Racing Champion

Participate in the exciting bike race and experience the thrill of the City Bike Racing Champion game. Master the speed of your bike and conquer all roads.

City Bike Racing Champion will take players on a high-speed adventure to conquer the bustling city streets. Where you must control the speed, and master the steering wheel with excellent driving skills to avoid unnecessary collisions.

City Bike Racing Champion also offers great options for players from bags, helmets, suits, and shoes. All create a perfect whole to ensure safety for players.

Player's mission

Equipped with trendy and classy bicycles with a sporty style. Players will race against opponents to explore the streets and corners of the city. Perform acrobatics and avoid obstacles. Players can also choose single-player mode to freely explore the beautiful city.

Game modes

City Bike Racing Champion offers 2 game modes: racing mode and free mode. The common point of these two modes is that players can choose 1-player mode or 2-player mode. Winning and scoring points in each race will reward you with the opportunity to enter the store to equip yourself with beautiful costumes such as helmets, vehicles, hats, and glasses.

  • Racing mode: There are 10 levels for players to conquer.
  • Free mode: There are 10 racing tracks for players to explore.

Tips and tricks

  • Always use protective clothing including helmets, glasses, clothes, shoes, and gloves when participating in racing.
  • Collect power-ups on the way.
  • Accelerate in time to overtake other racers.
  • Race with the most comfortable spirit.

How to control

Player 1

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Q key to jump.
  • Press the R key to revive.
  • Z key to parachute.

Player 2

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • J key to jump.
  • Press the U key to revive.
  • Press the P key to the parachute.