Apple Worm is a challenge to control a worm to eat an apple and move safely to the emergency exit. Pass all the levels to help the worm escape the maze.

Apple Worm is inspired by the classic snake game. But with this new version of Apple Worm, many different features are enthusiastically received by players. From the plot to the images, they are all enchanting.

The image built is of an extremely cute but extremely gluttonous worm. The worm is hungry and it needs to eat apples. Eating apples will help the Worm's body grow bigger, but it will also make moving more difficult.

The worm's mission is to collect apples and find a way out of the maze. Every move must be skillful and precisely calculated.

Important tips to conquer Apple Worm

  • The worm cannot move backward so you need to consider the body length. If the length of the Worm is greater than the space of the maze, you can control the Worm to crawl through them.
  • To have an exciting and thrilling gaming experience, you should play in full-screen mode.
  • It is important to master the rules of the game to control the character easily.

How to play

Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move.