Show off your top driving skills on the F1 track in the exciting racing game called Drift F1. Score high scores by conquering as long of tracks as possible.

Drift F1 provides players with sharp and winding racing tracks. Although this is a virtual world, it is inspired by the F1 racetrack, so race car drivers will feel the authenticity as if they were directly participating in the extremely fierce F1 racetrack.

The goal of race car drivers

The goal that the player aims for is to conquer difficult, bumpy, sharp turns and perform perfect drifts to score the most points. It is important to control speed and handle dangerous situations so as not to slide off the track.

Collecting money is also an extremely important goal when playing Drift F1.

Conquer racing tracks with Drift skills and professional driving skills

Drift F1 has 35 racing tracks corresponding to 35 levels. Levels will have increasing difficulty. Be calm to handle the challenges and difficulties you will encounter on the racetrack.

Use flexible strategies to win challenges

  • Reacting quickly is an important skill that players need to master. It will help you succeed when facing bumpy or sharp roads.
  • You should drive the car in the middle of the road for safety.
  • Make a smart choice between money and life safety.

How to play

  • Press the left mouse button or spacebar to turn left or right.
  • Release the mouse to go straight.