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Drill Digger

Discover diamonds and valuable underground treasures with the exciting game called Drill Digger. Control the drilling machine to reveal the mysterious treasure.

Underground is a huge treasure. The place contains extremely valuable minerals such as diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver, and countless other minerals. To open up the ground, you need a high-capacity drilling machine and a miner's professional skills to control this machine to help it operate effectively. The Drill Digger game will recreate the excavation of this extremely fascinating treasure. Are you a good miner? That will be proven in the world of Drill Digger.

If you have played Gold Diggers, Digger, or Star Drill Ultra before, Drill Digger is worthy of a game for you to try during this time because of the appeal and spiritual values ​​it brings.

Drill Digger is a mysterious underground exploration

Players will use a drill with high capacity and the ability to work persistently over time to explore the depths of the ground. The ultimate goal is to obtain diamonds and gold.

Players need to have the skill to control the drill to direct it in the right direction they desire. Initially, this tool had normal operating capacity with a limited fuel source. But when you have gold and diamonds, the drill will be upgraded to make it more powerful. This will help you discover many treasures deep underground.

How to play

Drill Digger is a difficult journey in collecting precious metals and rewards. Players need to use the mouse to play. Click and hold the left mouse button to control the worker to move to locations with treasures.