Duck Life 4 is an extremely attractive duckling training game. Help the duck master the skills of running, flying, and jumping to get the best results in races.

Duck Life 4 is the sequel to the famous Duck Life game. Following the successes of previous versions, Duck Life 4 promises not to disappoint players with its attractive and engaging features.

Players will be immersed in diverse gameplay that contains many traps and challenges but is extremely fun.

To have a duck with all the skills and proficiency of a professional athlete, daily training and practice is something that cannot be ignored. Going through training courses from beginner to amateur athlete, then training to become an expert and finally world champion is an arduous and relentless process. We will gradually explore training with the duck now.

Instructions for playing Duck Life 4

Players need to create an account to play, and then choose the duck's appearance to their liking. There are many skills for you to choose from, choose the skill you want.

After completing the training, the duck is qualified to participate in races. Try to be the winner when the duck crosses the finish line first.

Good control of movement speed and avoiding obstacles are tasks that ducks need to do while racing with opponents.

Useful tips to conquer the game

  • Training and practice need to be done regularly.
  • During races, take advantage of special skills. It will be the deciding factor in the final result.
  • Observe and be cautious of your surroundings.
  • Use energy sources appropriately.

How to play

Use the mouse and arrow keys.