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Duo Survival

Demonstrate teamwork in the most effective way in the adventure game called Duo Survival. Help the father and his little daughter safely escape from prison.

Duo Survival is a dangerous adventure game developed by 7Spot Games. A game with a rhythmic combination between 2 players. Understanding and good cooperation to quickly overcome pitfalls and escape prison. Duo Survival is where the spirit of teamwork prevails.

Objective of the game

The father and daughter are held in mysterious prisons. Each prison has a different design and architecture. The goal of father and son is to preserve their lives by quickly finding a way out. Escape from the pursuit and attack of zombies.

Tasks need to be completed

Father and son need good cooperation. In a desolate world full of dangers, a courageous spirit needs to come first. Quickly solve difficult puzzles, and move to the buttons to open the doors between rooms. Activate the elevator and find an emergency exit.

Players need to strategize each move combined with teamwork to create a perfect duo. Together, overcome difficulties and win in the fierce battle for survival.

How to control

  • To move: Use the AD key or left/ right arrow key.
  • To jump: Use the up arrow or W key.
  • Perform a kicking or throwing action: Use the down arrow key/ S key.