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Electron Dash

Electron Dash is an incredibly fast-paced dash across platforms. Become an astronaut running at super speed to explore endless tracks in space.

Tunnels in space with endless lengths always attract players to explore. If you have ever been transformed into balls rolling at high speed on race tracks, then with Electron Dash you will become a very cool astronaut. Put on specialized clothes and start exploring interesting things in this tunnel through space.

Great things are only available at Electron Dash

Coming to Electron Dash, players will be able to run across platforms and explore endless racing tracks. The game controls are easy but extremely attractive. Enjoy eye-catching graphics combined with addictive sounds. All create a shimmering and extremely impressive effect. In addition, opportunities to challenge yourself to overcome difficulties will appear along the track. Opportunity to handle situations to grow through each level.

Electron Dash has easy controls

The game attracts players by its control mechanism. Just use the left/right/up keys for the player to completely control his astronaut to conquer endless racing tracks.

Eye-catching graphics and vivid, realistic sound

A special feature of Electron Dash is the highlight of the turquoise tunnel. Racing in a space tunnel is like racing on a road paved with gems.

Tips you need to know to conquer the game

  • It is necessary to set a goal and an implementation plan to achieve that goal.
  • Be ready to face difficulties. Especially red obstacles will appear on the track. Avoid and don't collide with them.
  • Don't fall into holes in space. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and choose the most intelligent travel routes.
  • Try to collect hearts to have a chance to survive longer.

How to play

Use the left/right/up arrow keys to play.