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Merge Melons

Complete levels to score points and create giant watermelons in the Merge Melons game. Use fruit dropping strategy wisely to complete the target.

The world of fruit is extremely large and diverse. It is a rich source of nutrients and provides a lot of energy. We cannot know the details of each type of fruit and we cannot know what its shape will be like when cut in half. But coming to the game Merge Melons, all secrets seem to be revealed. Merge Melons opens a world of fruits with many surprises that you see for the first time. In addition, there is an extremely fun fruit merger with the aim of creating as many watermelons as possible.

The tasks of gamers when participating in Merge Melons

With simple but addictive gameplay. Players just need to merge fruits of the same type to create a new, larger fruit. The fruit that players aim for is watermelon. A succulent, large, many-seeded fruit with a green skin and a red core. The score will increase quickly when you create melons.

Some rules need to be understood to complete the goal

  • Understand the rules of consolidation to have a smart and appropriate strategy.
  • Use support items flexibly.

Knife: Use this item when you want to remove a type of fruit.

10T: Destroy some fruits if using 10T.

Color Flower: Upgrade 1 fruit.

  • Achieve achievements in each level to unlock the next level.

Are you ready for an explosive fruit fusion? Let's create watermelon and enjoy it now.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.